Bubble Bonanza LED Light-Up Bubble Stick 5 fl.oz - 2 pack

LED Wand has 3 different colours. Play day and night with this cool bright LED motion Wand with a Bubble Stick that makes double bubbles and big colourful bubbles.

A true bright LED Light up Wand that is activated as you wave the wand to make Bubbles. With 3 changing colours red, blue, and green. It includes the premium Bubble Bonanza solution. Ages 5 plus.

  • LED Motion bright light up wand changges colors to blue, green, and red
  • Makes lots of colorful double bubbles, perfect for fun summer nights
  • 5oz. Bubble stick with wand. Batteries included
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly solution

Price (CAD): $25.99

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