Crazy Yoobbles Bubbles Giant Bubble - Solution and Wand

Unleash the ultimate bubble fun with Crazy Yoobbles Bubbles Giant Bubble Solution! Our unique bubble solution and specially-designed Giant Bubble Wand can make humongously, ginormously big bubbles that can get up to 10 feet long! This kit comes with a 16oz bottle of our special Crazy Yoobbles Giant Bubble Mix, Giant Bubbles Wand and tray.

Designed for bubble lovers of all ages, our innovative bubble solution is the strongest bubble mix on the market today, and makes super stretchy, super long-lasting bubbles that fly further than you’ve ever seen!

  • Best bubble solution on the market
    • This isn't just any bubble mix, it’s your ticket to creating massive, awe-inspiring bubbles that can stretch up to 10 feet long!
  • Makes mega-sized memories
    • Fun for the whole family and designed for making moments last a lifetime, bubbles are great for getting the kiddos outdoors and engaging in active play.
  • Blow huge bubbles up to 10 feet long.
    • Want to see a bubble as long as an alligator?! If you’re trying to make the world’s biggest bubble, this is the solution to try it with! 
  • Perfect outdoor fun companion
    • Guaranteed to be a hit at parks, festivals, beaches, and anywhere else you go this season. 
  • Safe, Non-Toxic Bubbles
    • All our products are 100% safe for people and pets, and the environment. They are sulfate, paraben, phthalate, DEA and NPE-free. Great bubble toy for kids and toddlers ages 5 and up

Price (CAD): $28.50

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