Crazy Yoobbles Bubbles in Bubbles Blower

Crazy Yoobbles Bubbles in Bubbles Blower Make Great Big Bubbles with Little Bubbles inside from the Yoobbles solution that makes colourful bubbles. The best Bubble solution makes many bubbles that last long and fly far. The Double Bubble blower is simple and easy to use; pour Yoobbles bubble solution into both areas of the tray, dip the wand and cover in solution, point slightly upward and press the button to watch them fly. Little Bubbles are created in Big Bubbles when the Big Bubbles burst and outfly the Little Bubbles. Easy to use for ages five plus.

  • Using the Yoobbles Electronic Blower, create enchanting bubbles within bubbles for a mesmerizing effect that captivates kids and adults alike.
  • Our superior formula ensures vibrant, durable bubbles that drift far and resist popping, providing endless entertainment.
  • With a simple dip and press, the Double Bubble blower is designed for ease, making it a perfect, stress-free toy for kids 5+.
  • Experience the thrill as large bubbles burst to release swarms of smaller ones, guaranteeing double the fun at every play session.
  • 2 AA batteries required, not included.

Price (CAD): $22.99

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