Crazy Yoobbles Bubbles Storm Blower

Bubble Storm: The Crazy Yoobbles Bubbles Storm Blower is designed to create a storm of thousands of bubbles in seconds, filling the air and ground with a magical display of bubbles. Durable Bubbles are super solid and capable of flying far, even on windy days, as they do not break apart easily. This makes the bubble play even more exciting. Fill the air and ground with Crazy Yoobbles Bubbles. Say goodbye to ordinary bubbles and dive into a world of bubble magic with Crazy Yoobbles Bubbles. Durable Bubbles: Crazy Yoobbles Bubbles are remarkably robust, capable of flying far and not easily breaking apart, even on windy days. This durability adds to longer outdoor bubble play. Storm Blower blows bubbles quietly with a low sound and comes with a 3.5 oz bottle of Crazy Yoobbles Bubbles solution. Eco-friendly and non-toxic. For kids, 5+ 2 AA batteries are required, not included.

  • Unleash a deluge of joy with Crazy Yoobbles Bubbles Storm Blower, instantly creating a dazzling storm of bubbles.
  • Enjoy more playtime with bubbles that withstand windy conditions and don't pop easily; they are perfect for all outdoor activities.
  • Thanks to the Storm Blower's quiet motor, kids can revel in the fun without excess noise, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Safe for children 5+, It comes with a 3.5 oz bottle of premium bubble solution, non-toxic and eco-friendly. (2 AA batteries required, not included)

Price (CAD): $19.99

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