Snowball maker - 3 Pack Fun filled snow toy

Prepare for epic snowball fights and endless winter fun with our Snow Ball Maker. This toy is designed to take your snowball-making skills to the next level, ensuring you dominate the snow-covered battlegrounds.
Don't miss out on the joy and excitement of winter. Equip yourself with our Snow Ball Maker and experience the thrill of snowball fights like never before. It's time to embrace the snowy season and make unforgettable memories in the winter wonderland.
Easy snowball making: Scoop, pack, and release to create perfectly round snowballs. 

  • Snowball Fun Made Easy: Create perfect snowballs fast and rule the snow battlefield with our efficient snowball maker.
  • Winter Memories Await: Gear up for thrilling snowball fights and make every snowy day memorable.
  • Quick Snowball Crafting: Effortless, round snowballs in seconds — the fun doesn't stop with our Snow Ball Maker.

Price (CAD): $19.99

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