Winter Fun Super Set 17 Piece Set

Winter Fun Super Ultimate Set 17 Piece for Kids. Make a glow in dark snowman with glow eyes, carrot nose, and buttons. You can create beautiful designs in the snow with the snow molds, cool Bear, Bunny, Crystal, and Rainbow. When you finish your molds, you can use your snow sprinklers with different colors and give your molds a cool design.  Made for the precise snow artist, the sprinkler nozzle can be adjusted to make nice color patterns in the snow or on your snow molds.  You also get Crazy Ice Bubbles!  This special winter bubble solution that lasts longer than regular bubbles, you get more bubbles every time, fly far, and depending on the temperature, they freeze differently with cool looks every time. This set includes Glow in dark Snowman parts, 4 snow molds, 2 Snow Sprinklers, 4 snow color packets, and 1 Crazy Ice Bubble 9-ounce bottle. Ages 5 plus.

  • Super complete winter outdoor kit!
  • Box package with the following items: 1 Crazy Ice Bubbles, 1 Cool Bear Snow Face, 1 Rainbow Snow Mold, 1 Bunny Snow Mold, 1 Crystal Snow Mold, 2 Snow Sprinklers with 4 snow colors, 1 Snowman Glow in the Dark Set (1 Carrot Nose, 2 Eyes and 3 Buttons)
  • 17 piece set, ages 5+

Price (CAD): $29.99

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