Bubble Sticks 6 pack

Play all day with this 6-pack of 4-ounce bubble sticks with the best Bubble solution, "Bubble Bonanza," which makes Colorful Bubbles and lots of bubbles that last long and fly far. Wave the wand with an even smooth motion and watch colourful bubbles fly everywhere. Makes Big Bubbles! Ages 5 plus.

Perfect for parties, gatherings, or adding some magic to your day.

Easy to use and durable, these sticks guarantee endless fun. With non-toxic solutions, they're safe for everyone. Get our Bubble Sticks 6 pack and let the bubble magic begin!

  • Makes lots of colorful bubbles
  • Premium Bubble Bonanza Solution
  • Great for several kids to have bubble-playing fun

Price (CAD): $19.99

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