Crazy Ice Bubbles in Bubbles Blue Electronic Blower with 3.5ounces solution.

Crazy Ice Bubbles' unique formula is now in an automatic bubble blower! Crazy Ice Bubbles in Bubbles Electronic Blower makes big bubbles with little bubbles inside that last long and fly far. Using Crazy Ice Bubbles, a special formula that begins to freeze at minus 7 °C (12 °F) for endless outdoor fun!  You can use them in spring and fall temperatures as they are fun anytime. Every time these bubbles freeze, they look a little different like a snowflake. Non-toxic and made for outdoor use. Allows kids to be outside and active in colder months. Includes 3.5oz bubble solution.

  • Makes super big cool bubbles with little bubbles inside
  • Automatic bubble blower power makes Crazy Ice Bubbles long lasting bubbles fly even farther
  • Includes 3.5 ounces of Crazy Ice Bubble Winter-Time solution that freeze easily at colder temperatures

Crazy Ice Bubbles dans le souffleur électronique de bulles avec 3,5 onces de solution. Les bulles durent longtemps et volent loin.


Price (CAD): $19.99

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