Snow Paws Lil' Diggers - 3 pack one of each color

Unleash the power of these mighty Snow Paws and embark on a snow-filled journey like never before. With three different vibrant colors to choose from, these paws are not just your ordinary winter tools—they are a gateway to thrilling outdoor exploration!

3 different color snow paws that Scoop up DINOSAUR or BEAR amounts of snow and leave scary prints in the snow outdoors.  Hold the textured paw diggers and start scratching snow in 3 colours: Pink, Green and Blue.

Ideal for kids and kids-at-heart, these Snow Paws provide endless opportunities for creative play, outdoor exercise, and unforgettable memories. Whether you enjoy a snowy day with friends, create a winter masterpiece, or leave your mark in the snow-covered landscape, these paws are the ultimate winter accessory.

  • Scoop up bear or dinosaur amounts of snow and leave scary prints tracks
  • Hold the digger and start scratching snow!
  • It helps make snow digging easier.

Snow Sector

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