Wishbone Consumer Product Inc.

Wishbone is a consumer product company with a full creative, sales, marketing, and operations team whose aim is to design, market, and distribute activity-oriented toys to retailers across North America.

Our Team

DSC_9174.jpg (2.48 MB)Michael Korniat, Sales & Product Development has a proven track record of business development in the consumer products industry. He has worked with licensors and the majority of chain stores in North America both in product development and as a supplier of consumer products. Creative thinking and problem-solving is his strength.

David Mollins, CPA, is the company’s CFO has many years of experience traveling the world as a manufacturer and importer of consumer products. As a working shareholder of one of Canada’s largest clothing manufacturers, he was responsible for all domestic and overseas manufacturing and accounting. Dave has also worked with Canadian banks, government agencies, and accounting firms to help manage companies. Dave started off as a programmer many years ago.

Bruce Black, Vice-President of Operations has vast management experience working in supply chain having managed logistics, customs, and purchasing for major global companies in the manufacturing, consumer products, and food industry. His knowledge in the warehouse, cross-border traffic, and logistics area of business is better than a book.

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Waleed Ahmad, E-commerce & Systems Manager is a Software Engineer graduate, schooled in both Pakistan and Canada with a focus in digital marketing. Waleed is extremely organized and a great project planner. He is a team member who wants to solve problems and help people to succeed. Waleed is always wanting to learn, which is a great trait in this ever-evolving world of business

Monique Martins Longaretti, Marketing & Sales Co-coordinator is a Graphic Designer and worked as an art director in Brazil and then in the fashion industry in Canada. With a natural ability to make ideas and images beautiful. Monique enjoys communicating with people and is a real go-getter wanting to get tasks complete, a great attribute to the company.

Elizabeth Black, Head of Shipping and Receiving. Full of Youth and Inspiration, A girl that is big in spirit who does not know the word I can’t. Elizabeth does an amazing job organizing the daily orders and warehouse with a skill of a seasoned veteran. She believes she can do it all and can.

Meng Tian, Data & Systems Integrity Analyst. A 2021 University of Manitoba Commerce honors graduate Meng is a welcome addition to Wishbone. Meng is dedicated, process orientated, and wants every task she does to be perfect. Meng has made workflow and systems more efficient for Wishbone already and we expect more to come. She wants to learn more about creating codes and building systems. The personal trait we all love the most about Meng is her cute laugh.

Contract Team Members. We have team members who only want to work from home and on their own time that provide Wishbone services from Customer Service, Data Base Management, Translation work, and Accounting.

Fun Times Gallery

In this fast-paced world of business, we need to have fun. Fun times let us forget and then inspire us to go on for the next inspirational moment for ourselves and for others.